5 Essential Things Designers Should Know Before Planning Terrazzo Tiles Designs

In recent years, architects and designers have embraced terrazzo tiles as one of the perfect flooring options available in construction works. That is as a result of its excellent performance and aesthetics in creating outstanding designs for buildings. Click here to know more about Terrazzo Tiles Designers.

Moreover, the option to use terrazzo tiles to customize floor appearance is present as a top-of-the-mind issue. As a matter of fact, architects and designers find it relatively easy to convince their clients about using terrazzo tiles to bring their creative design ideas to life. Whether you are planning to use terrazzo tiles for a hospital, school, restaurant, or community center, it will give you the exact result you are excepting. 

Among many other reasons, terrazzo tiles are super durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly for designers, they offer unique design possibilities in traditional flooring systems. In light of that, architects and designers find pleasure in working with terrazzo tiles as it can help them bring out their best and win clients’ satisfaction. 

If you are an architect or home designer and are already considering using terrazzo tiles for your upcoming construction or renovation project, I have listed five essential things you need to know before planning how to use terrazzo tiles to create incredible designs. 

1. Communication and collaboration is essential 

How long can you go in bringing your imaginative picture to reality? To what extent can you go in achieving your ultimate design goals for a building project? If you care enough for excellence, you need to work with other professionals in your field or a complimentary area for the best result. 

I know you might have seen some mouth-opening designs that people cannot help but look at.  Yes. None of those exceptional designs came from a solo creative work – they are products of professional collaborations. 

When using terrazzo tiles to create designs is not something you should do alone. To create a world standard design that will make you a talk of the town, you need to find an expert designer you can trust to blend ideas. 

Terrazzo ties offer an excellent level of versatility, flexibility, and creativity. As a result, it allows you to go any length in creating the best design you can ever imagine. Terrazzo designs often demand more planning compared to other tiles or flooring materials. Every terrazzo floor has its unique appearance; hence, designers need to come together and conclude on an outstanding design before dashing out to the market to get the materials for the design. Communication between all parties is the key to deliver a quality outcome for your terrazzo design. 

2. Terrazzo tiles offers excellent flexibility 

One of the significant reasons architects and designers prefer using terrazzo tiles for different home designs is that it allows them to be flexible. In reality, there is virtually nothing you can’t do with terrazzo tiles, either on the wall or floor. 

First, designers need to meet with homeowners to discuss and understand what they really for their terrazzo design. As a designer, you don’t have to worry about the taste and preferences of your clients. Instead, you have to reassure them of the creative possibilities terrazzo tiles can offer. 

Terrazzo tiles give you the creative control to choose from the seemingly endless options, including any shape, size, color polish level, and more. Feel free to plan any custom graphics and logo your client would like to include in the design. It is not an exaggeration to say that terrazzo tiles can help you create a custom design precisely the way your client wants it. You can leverage that to achieve your ultimate design goals without complications. 

3. Know The Material Options and Methods 

The more you understand how terrazzo tiles work, the better the quality of your design. Knowing the essential materials, you should use for each design will help you decide when to procure the necessary items for the project. 

In the process of getting creative with your designs, you ought to note all the required materials you would need to do the job perfectly. You might get a note to list the materials required if necessary.  

Different designs have their methods of creating them; that’s why you, as a designer, should make sure you communicate and collaborate with other design professionals to get familiar with the several methods available to create the desired outcome. 

Terrazzo tiles originated in the early 16th century. The popular terrazzo methods before the 70s were cement-based. But, after the introduction of epoxies, there has been a significant shift in the industry regarding the installation of terrazzo. Today, about 90% of terrazzo floors are epoxy-based. Most terrazzo contractors prefer it because it is easier to install. 

4. Empathize the long-term value of t=terrazzo tiles 

One of the essential things you need to know before planning your next building project is the long-serving capability of terrazzo tiles. Compared with other materials, terrazzo tiles rank the most valuable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 

However, designers need to discuss the upfront cost of installing terrazzo tiles with the client. Generally, architects and designers mostly like to suggest terrazzo tiles for clients because of their durability, ease of maintenance, and other benefits it brings. Still, they seldom talk about the initial cost of installing the tiles.

Honestly, terrazzo tiles are more expensive compared to other tiles considering the initial cost of installation. Though it can be cost-effective in the long run because it is easier to maintain, you must discuss the initial cost with your client.

5. Terrazzo tiles does not hold heat

Some experienced architects and designers do not encourage using terrazzo tiles in a building in a humid environment. Imagine you have terrazzo tiles on your floor in a cold winter season. Can you imagine how discouraging that could feel?  It is good to let clients know what lies ahead for them during the winter season before they conclude on sing terrazzo tiles on their floors.

Finka Words 

You will maximize your creative ability if you have the proper knowledge of the materials you want to use for the design. Homeowners, architects, and designers need to come together to discuss the above exceptions and arrive at a mutual conclusion before the terrazzo project begins. That is the best way to get the correct result.