5 Reasons Medical Centres and Hospitals Should Use Terrazzo Tiles

5 Reasons Medical Centres and Hospitals Should Use Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are one of the newest interior design materials in the construction world. If you like to go out a bit, you would have seen several floors and wall designs made with terrazzo tiles in different places such as residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. 

These classic tiles are gaining more popularity due to countless reasons best known to the different people who choose them as their favorite. Generally, terrazzo tiles are much loved for their seemingly limitless versatility, durability, and creative options it brings. However, terrazzo tiles have much more to offer, far than that.

Allow me to ask you an honest but shocking question: Do you know that terrazzo tiles have several health benefits? Yes. And that’s why it is a perfect choice for medical and health centers. 

Wait a minute. Have you noticed that some hospitals and medical cen6tres now design their walls and floors with the classic terrazzo tiles? As a matter of fact, medical experts have begun to recommend terrazzo tiles for medical centers, hospitals, and clinics. The general claim is that terrazzo tiles allow attractive designs and comfort, which are critical facts of the overall maintenance of the medical building and infection control. 

It’s high time that medical practitioners realized that aesthetics is a perfect complement to over health performance. While medical centers prioritize the hospitality of the environment, terrazzo tiles are becoming a go-to option for flooring. 

Terrazzo Tiles Rea Best Flooring Materials for Medical Centres 

Terrazzo tiles check off most of the requirements of any given medical center setting. For instance, it is perfect for the lobby and other high-traffic areas because it offers a durable seamless style that has been easy to maintain for many decades. Besides, terrazzo tiles allow interior designers to flex their creative capabilities and bring out something unique. 

Terrazzo tiles offer a wide choice of beautiful colors, making it more flexible to bring in any artwork that can serve as a counterface that complements the practices of medical centers. Terrazzo tiles meet the highest standards of architectural and construction professionals for LEED accreditation. 

A medical center needs a kind of flooring material that is easy to clean and durable. Typically, everybody knows that dirt and debris are always present in hospitals and clinics. Hence, the designer must use a flooring material that is easy to clean and durable. Now, you don’t need to ask further questions. Terrazzo tiles are the perfect flooring option for medical centers. 

I know you might be thinking about the cost of terrazzo tiles. Of course, terrazzo tiles might be somewhat costlier than other tiles because they are made of high-quality materials. However, studies have revealed that high-quality materials are more cost-effective in the long run, though they tend to cost more initially. When you are factoring in some critical criteria with lifecycle costs, you can rely on epoxy terrazzo tiles for attractive flooring for your medical center.

That’s not all; there are still several other reasons medical centers should use terrazzo tiles on the walls and floors. Let’s go and explore them one after the other.

1. Durability and Low Maintenance

Durability is one of the reasons architects and designers prefer to use terrazzo tiles in medical centers. In case you don’t know, terrazzo tiles are the long-enduring interior design materials. In reality, terrazzo tiles can last for a lifetime (or even beyond).

Medical centers need flooring that can withstand the wear and tear some other tiles can not endure. Terrazzo tiles have been in several hospitals for years and still looking their best. 

Aside from durability, terrazzo tiles are much easier to maintain. It is simple and requires minimal cleaning effort. Hospitals have a lot to clean regularly, but the cleaning job is already made easy if terrazzo tiles are on the floor. Due to its glossy look, terrazzo tiles don’t hold stains. Hence you don’t need daily deep cleaning services. 

2. Antimicrobial Surfaces in Medical Centres 

Terrazzo tiles are also considered the best flooring option for hospitals because they help build up and spread mold, bacteria, and mildew. Medical centers can choose epoxy terrazzo tiles for best results to take advantage of their seamless surface that encourages easy cleaning. Some other flooring options can accommodate microbial growth, thereby increasing the demand to clean and sanitize the surface. Medical centers and hospitals need terrazzo tiles on the floor to control the spread of illness in the entire facility.  You can read about 5 Essential Things Designers Should Know Before Planning Terrazzo Tiles Designs by clicking here.

3. It Improvement Experience 

When you have seamless terrazzo tiles on the floor of a hospital, it will benefit the patients who might have been limited in mobility or nursing some painful injuries. More so, patients in wheelchairs with crutches or canes can find it challenging to navigate through some flooring surfaces due to needed repairs, grout joints, or uneven surfaces. In light of that, it is best if hospitals invest in a smooth and accessible flooring system like epoxy terrazzo tiles to prevent fewer accidents.

If you pour epoxy terrazzo tiles at 3/8″ thickness across the even surface, it will make it easier for all the patients to move from one place to another. Because epoxy terrazzo tiles are without grout joints, patients on wheelchairs and carts can move quickly throughout the entire building.

4. Design Flexibility 

Terrazzo tiles allow designers to explore their creative ability to any extent. Beyond other flooring options, terrazzo tiles offer design flexibility for designers. That is more reason you will see different terrazzo flooring designs in various medical centers. Terrazzo tiles consist of a wide range of aggregates, including glass, marble, and shelf aggregates. You can also explore the limitless color palette. 

5. healthier Environment 

Terrazzo tiles are the original green flooring materials that help designers, architects, and general contractors achieve LEED points. More than that, epoxy terrazzo tiles are an excellent choice in improving and preserving health centers’ health. 

Final Words 

Terrazzo tiles have more health benefits for medical centers and other health facilities and their occupants. It is mainly recommended for the above-listed reasons and many other more. Heath facilities should consider using terrazzo tiles to keep space clean and safe for patients to stay.